Some scholars could be genuinely humble. I was accommodated with a political science professor in his suite at the North Carolina Political Science Association (NCPSA) annual conference. We had a chat before we went to rest; but unknown to me, that interaction had a positive impact on him. He gave me his contact info and requested me to reach him on the phone as he wanted me to meet his family.

Besides the basic Vaisnava philosophical concepts that I shared him, I prompted him, “Prof., you are at the pinnacle of academics, so what next?” He couldn’t say a word. However, he appreciated that it was his good fortune to have come that close to a monk for the first time in his life.

I phoned him as follow-up after the conference, and a discussion ensued. I remembered vividly part of what he said: “As a political science professor for over twenty years, I thought I knew everything; but after meeting you, I realized I don’t know anything. In fact, I wanted to even throw away my PhD.” Some scholars could be genuinely humble.