Agreed, judgment should be oriented in experience, definitely. However, first class followers learn by hearing; for instance, he/she has heard that fire burns, and he/she does not want to approach the construct empirically, and therefore, he/she does not put his/her hand into fire to have the expereince. This is emotional intelligence. There is nothing new on the planet; we’ve been chewing the chewed for so many life times – it’s a long time experience, but most of us are not introspective enough to learn from the past experience. Mr. A may have long time experience and still acts as a simpleton whereas Mr. B could appear simple but not necessarily be a simpleton. If a follower learns by hearing from a bona fide authority, he makes progress by the mercy of his mentor, not his might. A common saying goes that ‘life is not measured by years but by achievements.’ The trees have been having nice experiences with winter, summer, etc. Do they have judgment call? What about the dogs, cats, and pigeons? Do they have judgment call?